Winter Interior Design Trends You NEED to try

Not to sound like a Game of Thrones episode, but winter is coming. Some of us enjoy the drop in temperature so we can open up the winter wardrobe, enjoy cosy nights in front of the fire, and begin to get excited because of the holidays – then there are some of us who feel the cold more than most, and need 3 jackets, 2 coats, 7 scarves and a pair of heat warming gloves. Either way, winter has an impact on us whatever it is that we do, inside the home and out!

The chilly season is the perfect time to have your home just the way you like it. There have been many trends over the years that fit the winter mood, and it works all year round too, we call that versatility! (and having the right interior head).


Going neutral is a trend that has resurfaced time and time again, because of it’s classic and timelessness look and feel. It’s a simplistic way to transform a room, and it’s affordable! This year has put a twist on the neutral trend, though. To achieve a warm, winter feel, go for a dramatic neutral colour palette to add a taste of drama, and sophistication. Black and white are great colours to start off with as they compliment each other extremely well. If you incorporate this trend, the secret is to mix in multiple textures so that your neutral space does not fall flat. Mix in acrylic pieces, or metals that enhance your living space!

Statement Pieces

Your statement piece could be a Christmas tree perfectly decorated in the middle of your living room, or you could opt for an impressive light feature or an oversized art piece that you want to pin on your wall. The purpose of a statement piece is for it to be the focus point in a single room, it’s a visual element that can turn a room around, especially when the weather outside is making you wish you were in a hot tub.

Statement pieces come in a variety of different shapes, colours and sizes. This particular piece doesn’t have to be bright or big, which is a common misconception. Look for something that grabs your attention straight away, that is the statement piece.


Embrace the Scandinavian way of living for a soothing atmosphere in your home. The effect of wood surprisingly builds a relaxing ambience and has been a timeless trend for many years. Warm neutral colours and rustic details help achieve this look and feel, which is popular among many modern and minimalist homes across the world. Walnut has become quite the popular colour, and if you’re looking to integrate this into your interior, doors might just be the way forward. There are many trending door styles this year, make sure yours keep the warm in, rather than the cold!

Artisanal Fixtures

There’s nothing quite like adding finishing touches that are able to make a huge difference in the home. There has been a shift focus on lighting in the last few years, which interior designers have snapped up to their advantage! Handcrafted products give a more personalised feel to the home, and paired with natural elements it essentially helps to create a more inviting and relaxing feel to the room.

It might be time to explore the decorative range for artisanal fixtures.

Copper Accents

We have seen rose gold have it’s time in the sun in the last year or so, but its coppers turn now. Copper accents are a great metal finish showcase an earthy breath of fresh air. The combination of orange tones provide a sense of warmth, which is a nice feel in the winter season and leading up to the holidays. Warm metallics are still going strong, and we feel as though this is a trend that simply won’t quit.

There are a vast array of trends and new designs that enter the interior design industry each month. But for the winter season and its trends, many make a comeback bigger and better, inspiring homeowners and designers across the globe. If its time to enhance your living space for winter, be sure to take a few tips from this article.