What You Don’t Know About Double Glazing!

Many modern homes are gratefully equipped with high quality double glazed windows. Modern windows are not just for looking out of, allowing in light, or opening when you’re too hot. They actually have a variety of features that have huge benefits for your home. Some of these benefits also have fantastic health benefits, and can dramatically change your lifestyle without you even being aware. According to a report from Nationwide in 2014, approximately 79% of dwellings in the UK have double glazed units fully installed. Despite this figure, we can pretty much assure you that a large sum of the owners of the dwellings are unaware of the benefits that the units have and how they can affect your lifestyle. Many new properties in the UK are constructed with double glazing, so owners of the properties never had the opportunity to upgrade from single glazed to double glazed. In this post, we have informed you with all the information you didn’t know about double glazing and how it affects your lifestyle?

Double Glazing Keeps You Warmer

Ever been inside a property with single panel windows and felt slightly colder? That’s probably because it’s impossible for single pane glass to have room for a layer of insulation. Between the two panes of glass on double glazed units is a gap which is usually filled with argon, an insulating gas. By having this gas between the two layers of gas, it prevents heat from escaping your home when it is cold outside. This also has the same effect when it is warm outside, as it will prevent extra heat from entering your home, keeping your home cool. Double glazing actually plays a vital role in keeping the temperature of your home regulated all year through. With double glazed units, you can enjoy cold winter nights relaxing in your warm home, and in the winter cool down in your home after being outdoors in the heats. Regulated temperatures in your home have many lifestyle benefits, such as allowing you to relax which reduces stress, and ensuring you have a better nights sleep, which is important in everybody’s life.

Did you know that having double glazed units in your home could potentially save you up to £175 on energy bills? This is as the insulating layer keeping the temperature of your home regulated prevents the need for much additional heating in your home. If you do not currently own double glazed windows, you could be overspending way more than you really should during the winter. By having double glazed windows, you can have additional money to spend on the things you enjoy, or on special winter events such as Christmas and new year. Everybody needs to have money and needs a warm home. With double glazing, you can consistently have a temperature regulated home, with a healthy bank balance that is merely effected by your heating bills.

Double Glazing Keeps Your Home Peaceful

Fed up of your neighbours failed marriage arguments keeping you up awake at night? Or live in a busy area with frequent traffic, people outdoors, and other noise generating factors? Double glazing could be the solution to your concerns regarding noise from external sources in your home. As previously mentioned, double glazing has a layer of insulating gas between the two panes of glass. This layer of insulation can also keep your home quiet at all hours of the day. This can result in a better lifestyle as you will be able to relax more and sleep better without noise distractions. It is a common theme that double glazed units can greatly improve your lifestyle by allowing you to relax more.

Double Glazing Keeps Your Home Safer

Many people that the main purpose of double glazing is to keep your home safer with the additional layer of glass. Although this popular statement is true, double glazing keeps your home safer in a variety of different ways. Besides, the extra layer of glass making it harder to break through, it also makes the unit highly dangerous to climb through. The glass in double glazed units is expertly manufactured to remain tight to the unit, making it extremely challenging to totally break off the unit. If somebody was to attempt to break the unit and climb through it, the chances are they would be cut by the remaining glass and would be left with nasty injuries. This would be if anyone would be able to break the glass in the first place. As many double glazed units are modern, the glass used is incredibly strong and would take a very heavy object for it to be broken. If the unit was broken, it would also cause a very loud noise, alerting you and your neighbours. With double glazed units in your home, you can rest assured in or out of your home that it is safe.

Double Glazing Bristol

Winter is approaching, meaning it is vitally important to have double glazing windows in your home or property to ensure warmth and minimum stress levels. If you do not currently own double glazed units, contact Cornish Glazing for double glazing in Bristol. Cornish Glazing can provide you with double glazing units fit to scale and install the units promptly. This blog was written by BD, who is the content writer for Cornish Glazing. Ben has a passion for the growth of businesses, inspiring people with his content and a variety of industries.