The Best Kitchen Island Ideas For Your Rear Extension

Practical kitchen extensions not just open space but also add value to the interior of your home. But doing that with the right kitchen island that complements the overall kitchen and house interior will simply be a bonus to your dwelling. So, do spend some time thinking about how to create the best kitchen island that goes well with your house scheme.

A perfect kitchen island can make everything a breeze. From preparation to dining and storage, kitchen island does it all while adding an architectural focal point to the living space. So, we are not surprised why more modern kitchen renovations are opting for an additional kitchen island.

In this article, we are going to share some modern kitchen island designs with Silestone surfaces, as it’s one of the top worktop materials adored by homeowners and interior designers. If you are also thinking of extending your rear kitchen, you may find inspiration for your future renovation project in following kitchen island ideas and how to style them up for a minimalist yet stylish open-plan layout.

Stylish countertop with seating

Silestone worktops are one of the best modern-day materials for kitchen countertops. These are not only stylish to look at but also practical at the same time. Choose a kitchen island with a Silestone countertop, along with sink fittings, and additional stools for seating around it.

The best thing about these high-end worktops is that they are resistant to heat, scratches, stains and even offers exclusive bacteriostatic protection to the surface. This means even with the minimal maintenance; these surfaces are going to go a long way.

Mix Silestone with Metal

Imagine a new-age Silestone Calacatta Gold island outfitted with cabinetry clad in polished finishing and unlacquered brass handles. It will surely look stunning while adding a subtle flair to the modern home layout. The Silestone shelves resting on brackets against satin finished wall paint will build up extra storage space around the kitchen island.

Create Stunning Impact with Mirrored Surfaces

Try to incorporate certain reflective surfaces like polished stainless-steel panels within the Silestone N-Boost kitchen island. Be it sinks or appliances holding cabinets or swivel chairs, consider everything in a reflective surface around the dark-toned Silestone worktop. This is going to make kitchen island the centrepiece of the open-plan living space.

Silestone with Gold

White or neutral coloured Silestone worktops and upstands with cabinetry finished in gold will leave an unbeatable charm to the interior. Consider incorporating an overlapping table with gold inlay, the pendant lights, counter stools and one stunning table top sculpture. This will be the focal point of your home while serving the practical purpose of preparing the delicious food for your family and guests.

Add Country Charm

For this kitchen island style, you may go for an antique or wooden type of Silestone design or finish with an exquisite and lively backsplash in the kitchen. Along with pendant lights, Silestone countertops and custom-made wooden cabinetry with extra storage space, you will have a perfect extended kitchen to open your living space.

The best thing about an extended kitchen island is that it provides enough space for the guests to accommodate in the living space or kitchen to help you with food preparation. Even if the living space is small, a good kitchen island is a perfect addition to enhance its aesthetic value, open extra space and serve its much-needed purpose at the same time.