Planning a Kitchen Extension

Possibly the most popular type of home extension among homeowners today is a kitchen extension. Rather than limiting your kitchen to the part of the house where you prepare food, you can create a wonderful warm space for the entire family to enjoy together.

If planning to extend, you probably already have a number of kitchen extensions ideas in mind, but as this type of extension is not the cheapest of ways to increase your living area, you need to be sure that you don’t make any errors and consider a number of factors that will determine the type of extension you eventually settle on.

First thing to think about is how you plan on using the space. Perhaps you want to make the kitchen the heart of your home where the kids can do their homework or watch TV, as well as having a large table where the family gathers to eat.

Maybe you want the extra room for entertaining when friends come round. Or perhaps you just want additional space for food preparation and storage?

Perhaps you would like the kitchen to open out into the garden to make dining outdoors easy, and allow the children to play outside where you can easily keep an eye on them?

It is also important to think about a few years down the line – although your family may be very young when you plan your extension, their needs will change as they are older and want to bring their friends home – this is also something you need to consider.

Types of kitchen extensions

Many homes in the UK were originally built around the 1930s with a small kitchen and separate dining area. In this case, the cheapest way to extend the kitchen is to knock down the dividing wall. However, first you need to make sure this is possible; as if the wall is load-bearing, steel joints will need to be added to take the strain.

A less likely scenario is you have a garage built onto the house which can be repurposed for the extension.

If you do not have a dining room adjoining your kitchen, you will need to extend out. This gives you a lot more options as essentially you will have a blank canvas to create your ideal kitchen, and choose exactly what goes where. A glass extension is a fabulous option if you are extending out as it brings the outdoors into the kitchen.

What is the cost of a kitchen extension?

Generally speaking, you are looking at around £1500 per square metre if you extend out. However, converting a dining room or garage into part of the kitchen lowers the cost considerably and you will be looking under £1000 per square metre.

While that may seem expensive, you need to think that the extension will increase the value of your home by more than 10% in most cases, so eventually, you will see an excellent return on your investment.

Do I need planning permission to extend my kitchen?

Planning permission is not always required for a kitchen extension – whether permission is required usually depends on the size and the type of extension. Knocking the dividing wall through rarely requires planning permission, and this is usually also the case when converting the garage. However, if you are extending out and increasing the home’s footprint is a good idea to visit the local planning department to find out exactly what permissions are required, or not required as the case may be.