How to save money on heating and efficiently warm your home this winter

It’s become a habit for us all. Wake up. Jump out of bed. Crank up the thermostat before you’ve even had the chance to fully open your eyes. In fact, turning up the heating in the home accounts for over 70% of household energy consumption, becoming the sole main reason why the energy bills often skyrocket during the winter months. That and the rising costs of energy bills.

Many people have the same goal, cut down on their heating bills, save energy, while reducing the amount of damage that they cause to the surrounding environment. But does cutting the heating within your have to result to living within the freezing cold, shivering under layers of thick blankets.

Surprisingly, this is not the case. A home does not have to take the brunt of the winter breeze just to save a few pounds of each monthly bill. This is because there are many effective and unique ways a homeowner can take full advantage of even the smallest amount of heat.

For those looking to stay warm this winter without having to scrimp and save, we have put together some simple steps that you too can follow to save money on your heating, all while staying warm, kicking your feet up on a cosy velvet footstool.

Make the Most Of The Curtains

There is no better way to wake up in the morning, than whipping open the curtains and letting the natural light and airflow spiral and flow throughout the room. But this action, along with airing your home, can also help heat your home too.

Heat from the sun is free, so why not make the most of it? Ensure the curtains are kept open throughout the day, even when it is the slightest bit sunny, and allow each space to soak up the heat.

Then, as the day is nearing the end, by drawing the curtains, you can trap any collected heat within the room, naturally heating your home.

By doing this, the material works as an extra layer of insulation and will trap in all the absorbed heat, and keep it flowing around the rooms for as long as possible.

Don’t Cover the Radiators

For those looking to improve the temperature and add warmth to their home, another handy top tip on how to save money on heating and that is to remove any items from in front of the radiator. Keeping radiators clear is important, especially during the cold, winter months.

By placing your favourite armchair or even the clotheshorse with the latest load of washing over the radiator, this act can absorb all of the wanted heat, and leave the room feeling rather chilly. By ensuring that all furniture and objects are moved away from the radiators, you can allow the warm air produced to circulate around the rooms freely, warming the entire space rather than just the back of a chair. Whilst looking at the plumbing system, it may also be worth checking all the pipes in the house and loft are well insulated. This is a great way to cut your heating costs. If you need any, there are plenty of online stores that supply a full range of insulation materials and at a very reasonable cost.

Time the Central Heating

Research conducted by The Centre for Sustainable Energy found and now advises that homeowners should consider putting a timer on their central heating system.  What the company believes should be done, is for the heating system to be put on a clock that turns itself on slightly earlier than it would be done manually.

For example, setting the timer so the heating kicks in around half an hour before the household wakes up, will allow the rooms to be filled with heat, slowly building up while everyone is in bed. By doing this, not only will the system have time to start working, it also has the option to be set at a much lower temperature, as it has the time to heat up the house, rather than being turned on instantly, the highest it can go.

It works by the heater warming up at a continuous speed, regardless of how high the thermostat temperature is set at.

Draught Proof the Home

Heat can escape from even the smallest of gaps in the home. For example, through the windows, doors, and even any small holes that may be in the plastered walls. So it is important, especially when trying to save money on heating, to diminish any form of draught that may be sucking away at the warm air, and keeping the house feeling much colder.

As a nation, there are still 46% of homeowners who are yet to draught-proof their doors and windows, this is a huge amount of people wasting money on heat, only to have cold air flowing through instead.

Apart from double glazed windows, purchase  DIY draught-proofing equipment in the form of tape or even insulating foam, and fill in all possible areas that are ridding the home of the lovely heat, and save an estimated £25 a year on the heating bills, while keeping the house nice and toasty every time.

For those looking for a quick, method to instantly improve the heat of your home, consider a draught excluder available to purchase at a range of home stores.

Turn the Heating Down

While this may appear to counter argue some of the other points highlighted within this blog, this is actually a very efficient way to both heat the home, and save a few extra pounds while doing so. It has been recently recommended that the minimum temperature that the home should be heated to, and that is around 21 degrees. Public Health England, however, has decided to change this temperature, and ideal it down to just 18 degrees.

This was done after finding that by turning the heating down by just 1 degree, you could cut

10% off your heating bill, while staying toasty at a comfortable 18 degrees. This will

make the home energy and cost-efficient, without breaking the bank.


While it may be hard to try and turn down the habit of reaching for the dial and cranking up the thermostat, you will notice an instant difference by following these key points.

By reducing the amount of energy that is consumed in the home, you too can see a cut in those dreaded monthly energy bills.

By following the fairly simple yet effective steps suggested above, you can finally see a cut on the heating bill payment demands, without risking a cold home during the long, dreary winter months.

The tips don’t stop there either, there are other fool proof ways on how to save money on heating that can be found with just a bit of research. For example, layering loft insulation, upgrading the boiler and even reflecting the heat from the radiators with tin foil.

Let us know what you think and any top tips that you too might have on how to save money on heating while keeping your home warm this winter.

Author bio – Sydney Tierney; just recently finished her studies; is working her way into the world of content writing as a digital marketing assistant. She writes for clients that specialise in workstations, Strategic Sourcing and Google Shopping Specialists.