How to Clean Kitchen Venetian Blinds and Keep Them Dust Free

Some consumers, especially those who may have difficulty hiking up a step ladder, are concerned that they’ll not manage to maintain their Venetian window coverings dirt free and clean; but many individuals are very amazed to discover that cleaning Venetian blinds isn’t the tough task and they thought it to be and that Venetian blinds can be washed in an exceedingly small amount of time.

Initially you will need to determine what class of Venetian shades yours come under. Ostensibly you will find two kinds of blinds; wooden or metal. It’s essential that you know what type you have since the cleansing options for each type vary.

Wooden Venetian Blinds

To wash wooden Venetian shades effortlessly you can use a dusting, cleaning with a cloth and vacuuming, or a mix of these procedures. A normal feather duster is going to do the job when dusting, however, it is much better to utilize a duster that’s specifically made for Venetian shades. When you buy blinds at our shop we are able to provide you with a special Venetian blind duster. Utilizing a Venetian blind duster is quicker than a regular duster, because you may clear at least three panels at once, and up to six based on the duster you select. Expansion rods may be used with a duster to achieve the most effective clean, and removing the requirement for a ladder.

To clean wooden Venetian shades, a damp cloth will be needed. As you’ll have to do each panel independently wiping Venetian shades is the most time-consuming technique. Nevertheless, if you hoover and dust your shades frequently, you will find that cleaning them only once or twice annually is enough.

Vacuuming wooden Venetian shades is most likely the quickest method to cleanse them, as all that’s necessary to complete the task is to place the blinds in the closed position and move the vacuum over them. You might find that where the panels overlap each other you skip a millimeter or two, but when you mix vacuuming with the other techniques periodically, this can quickly be remedied.

Metal shades

The above methods can be used to clean aluminum and PVC Venetian blinds, and they can also be washed periodically using a heavy cleansing routine. All that’s necessary to do is to take the blinds from the bracket to the backyard or into a bathtub. Utilizing a hose or a showerhead, clean the panels down to eliminate all grime and dirt. Clean the extra water off with a towel, and leave the panels hanging to dry for one hour or two, before returning them to the window pane.

Alternately, PVC and metal Venetian shades can be washed with a Venetian blind solution. Just spraying this on the blinds maintains streak-free surface that repels dirt for months following the treatment.

As you can easily see it’s not too hard to clean Venetian shades, and passing a Venetian blind duster over them on a regular weekly or twice monthly basis will mean they only need a more comprehensive clean once or twice annually.