How to Clean Carpet with Wet Dry Vacuum?

Have you ever tried using your wet-dry vacuum to clean your carpet and encountered challenges?

Well, that may be an indication that you’re not doing it the right way.

Lucky you, after reading this article, you’ll be well informed about how to clean your carpet with a wet and dry vacuum.

What Does a Wet and Dry vacuum Do?

The primary function of a wet-dry vacuum is to pick up dry dirt as well as liquids from any type of surface. While most standard cleaners are not capable of sucking up water, a wet and dry vac does so with ease.

Alongside this, the vacuum can tackle various kinds of dirt like leaves, garden debris, carpet stains and others.

Carpets are notorious for holding onto stains, bacteria, solid soil and even mildew.

Before you go ahead to apply any liquid substance on your carpet, you need to be a hundred per cent certain that you can spend time drying it up.

Fortunately, if you own a wet-dry vac, the job will be a little less hard to do.

How to Get Your Carpet Ready

First things first, clear out all the furniture in the room you intend cleaning. This is to prevent them from getting damp while all the cleaning is going on.

If your furniture gets wet, they will likely breed mold, so make sure to avoid this at all cost.

Once that is done, go ahead and vacuum your DRY carpet. A typical household vacuum will do this task well, but you can use your wet-dry vac too. Make sure you clean all the solid soil off your carpet.

Next, if your carpet is stained, this is the time to tackle it. Remove the blot by applying a stain remover.

Read the instructions on the packaging of the stain remover and wait for the recommended amount of time. Here is a guide for using the remover if you need one.

Start by mixing a solution of water and carpet cleaner. You’ll find the appropriate quantities to use listed on the cleaner’s packaging.

Wet-dry vacuums can only pick up wet solutions and cannot disperse them evenly over your carpet. Therefore, you’ll need to do the spreading by hand.

Once your solution is ready, get an ordinary watering can and spread the solution over your carpet using the can. Make sure that it is evenly spread. You can use a deck brush or a stiff-bristled push broom to brush the whole carpet.

Using Your Wet-Dry Vac

When cleaning your wet carpet, your choice of filter for your wet-dry vacuum is dependent on the model of the cleaner you’re working with. You will need to refer to the owner’s manual for appropriate guidance.

Always tackle your wet carpet one section at a time. It’ll help to use a floor attachment and firmly press it to the carpet to make sure that you’re extracting as much moisture as possible from the deepest area inside the carpet. Slowly Drag backwards and try to overlap your next pass with the previous one. Move to another section once you’re sure that the part you’re dealing with is completely dried.


Using a wet-dry vac on carpets is no big deal if you know how to do it right. If you’ve read this article till the end, you probably have what it takes to use your vacuum the right way. Now is the time to jump up and get to work.