How To Choose Your Outdoor Rattan Furniture

One of the most common questions in the rattan furniture industry is whether a customer should choose a natural or synthetic Rattan set for use in the garden. The answer to this question lies in the intended use of the furniture outdoors. If you are planning to make use of the furniture outdoors occasionally, then a natural rattan set is perfect. But if you are planning to leave the furniture set outside it is recommended that you make use of a synthetic set.

Choosing outdoor furniture

Choosing outdoor furniture today can be an overwhelming yet exciting project. There are many products and designs to choose from. Here are some helpful tips:

 Know the size of the areas you would like to furnish. Make sure that you give some thought to how you envision using the space.

 Keep in mind you may want an eating area, a seating area or bar area. Not everything has to match, but it should coordinate.

 Shop around before you commit. Take a look at a variety of products for making your choice. Get to know the materials used and how they will benefit the space you want to furnish.

When deciding whether to go for natural or synthetic materials always consider how and when you will be using the Rattan set. If you are an occasional entertainer, you may want to consider natural. The materials used are light which means the furniture can quickly and easily be moved around to your entertainment area. Once done, you are able to just a quickly pack the furniture away to avoid damage from the elements.

If you are looking for more permanent fixtures, then you should consider making use of synthetic materials. These do much better in outdoor situations. They are far more durable and in addition, they are available in a range of beautiful colours to suit your outdoor designs and style perfectly. Whichever you choose, you need to properly care for your furniture set. Here are a few tips:

1. Clean the surface of the furniture regularly. Cleaning the surface of the furniture every month or even every week is the best and most cost-effective way you can protect your Rattan furniture.

2. To add a longer life to your Rattan furniture, place the pieces in a shaded area when they are not in use. Long-term exposure to the harsh element can destroy the furniture fibres.

3. Deal with stains to the furniture immediately. Use a diluted mixture of detergent to quickly remove stains as soon as they occur.

4. To ensure your furniture remains looking good for much longer. Do a thorough clean of your furniture once a year. A proper clean of your Rattan furniture once a year will ensure that the pieces remain dust free and will also remove dirt build-up which may have accumulated during the past year, especially during seasonal changes.

5. make use of good quality rubber stoppers to prevent your Rattan furniture from moving around should the pieces be placed on wooden flooring.