Deck Up A High-End Home Bar Or Restaurant Bar With Natural Onyx

High-end restaurant bars or home bars are being creatively designed these days. If you wish to add dynamic and fun elements to such an entertaining environment, natural Onyx is an ideal choice.

Choosing the top material for a bar top for a high-end restaurant bar or home bar is crucial to create the ideal energy and vibe for entertaining guests. Whether you are up for some cocktails or just utilising the bar for hors d’oeuvres, the bar top must have the right style and functionality.

While various natural and engineered worktop materials are available in the market, nothing creates a perfect focal point like the Onyx worktops. It is a semi-precious stone made from quartz and silica with a unique, glassy appearance that appeals to any interior design.

Onyx Worktops Have Many Names!

In the commercial worktop industry, Onyx worktops are made from the layered bands of translucent or light-coloured minerals. Many onyx slabs are called banded calcite by the geologists. The material is also termed as Mexican Onyx, Onyx Marble or Egyptian Alabaster.

Onyx is also considered to be a commercial sibling of marble. It is because both these natural stones contain similar mineral contents. Onyx is made from calcite that is a mineral found in limestone, travertine and marble. The banded calcite is closely related to travertine, which is formed by a similar natural process as well.

Onyx Creates Breathtaking Impressions

Onyx is an exotic material with an extraordinary appearance. It forms a breathtaking impression on a bar top with its right contrasting shades and parallel layers that are formed naturally over thousands of years.

Not just in modern interiors, the Onyx’s remarkable visual-appeal caught the eyes of ancient civilisations dating back to the traditional Greeks and Egyptians. Now, the same irresistible Onyx is utilised as one of the best options for bar tops. It can also be backlit due to its clarity. When you backlight it, the extravagant Onyx radiates a subtle, ethereal glow. This extraordinary stone takes centre stage, no matter where it is installed.

The art of Mother Earth reflects through this natural gemstone, as it comes in endless patterns and designs. If anyone feels like bringing the magic and mystery of nature into the interior, choosing Onyx worktops is the best option.

Onyx can be used to highlight any given environment or atmosphere, most commonly used in modern home bars, lounges or restaurants. Besides that, it is installable within steam rooms, reception desks, wall cladding and saunas.

Latest Onyx Designs for Modern Bars and Restaurants

Here are some exciting colours of Onyx to enhance new bar areas at home or restaurants:

  1. Multicolour Green Onyx: This natural stone is quarried from the region of Damghan in Iran and then transported to the UK. It boasts a minimal light green background, along with varying colours, including veining in ivory white to reddish tones with a glassy and silky lustre. The combination of multi-coloured patterns boasts unparalleled natural beauty with additional strength to both interior and exterior architectural designs.
  2. Honey Onyx: Boasting a golden background, along with varying colours like yellow and white tones, forms a unique, sophisticated pattern. It is a perfect innovative stone to add a luxury feel to any indoor or outdoor environment.
  3. Multicolour Onyx: It predominantly boasts an orange background with natural markings in different colours varying from yellow and golden to red tones. The colours of its bands vary from black or white to different colours, which depend on the minerals found in a given block.
  4. Black Tiger Onyx: This Onyx surface boasts a veining pattern with a soft black backdrop and varying colours, such as golden and ivory white tones. The random design created by the veining pattern gives unparalleled natural beauty to any interior and exterior area where it is installed.
  5. Fantastico Onyx: This surface displays a gorgeous ruby red background with multiple colours, such as natural stripes of golden yellow and ivory white tones. It also has a glassy and silky lustre, forming a unique pattern that brings unmatched natural beauty to any area where this material is installed.

Maintenance and Care of Onyx worktops

  • The onyx worktops come pre-sealed. However, these worktops require periodic resealing to close pores on its surface. This process makes the surface resistant to absorbing acids, chemicals and other stain-creating liquids. It is best to seal onyx worktops once or twice a year.
  • Onyx worktops need regular cleaning with mild detergent and soft microfiber cloth. It will eliminate leftover particles that may stain or scratch the surface. You may even invest in specially-formulated cleaners to wipe off the surface of onyx. To clean, apply the solution on the surface with a soft sponge or cloth. Rinse it with water to remove excess cleaner. Again rinse with clean water and buff dry it.
  • Make sure you never use any abrasive products, detergents, generic household cleaners or acidic chemicals to clean Onyx worktops. It is because these substances may cause some unexpected damages to the surface.
  • When mixing acidic liquids like vinegar or lemon to make cocktails or mocktails, use a sheet on the surface to protect it during food preparation.