Children’s Good Habits Start with a Well-Planned Bedroom

Every parent wants to see their child succeed, but they can’t do it without a lot of help and guidance. For parents, this means being supportive, providing good food, promoting a healthy lifestyle and making sure they have what they need to succeed. Leading by example and helping kids to develop positive habits is important and something that helps to shape their future success. For example, children who regularly get a good night’s sleep, who are organized and who develop good study habits generally do better at school than kids who don’t sleep enough, can’t find their books for the piles of clothes and toys on their floor of the bedroom and spend all their time watching TV or playing video games. While personality has a lot to do with these factors, parents’ choices can be hugely influential.

Believe it or not, one of the most effective single boosts parents can provide is by making sure their child has a comfortable bedroom. By taking the time to carefully plan out their child’s bedroom -the place where children spend most of their time- parents can help them to achieve good habits, while providing an atmosphere that’s welcoming and relaxing. Leading online retailers say that their regular divan bed sales produce a great amount of interest when parents look for kids beds.

While every bedroom is different, they all share some common traits. And if there’s a single common denominator to every bedroom, it’s the bed. This is, after all, the room with the primary purpose of providing a place to sleep. That means it’s the place where a child spends at least eight hours of every day. Of course, that assumes that they are getting the sleep they need. The bed is important for multiple reasons. The right combination of bed and mattress will be a big part of determining whether a child gets enough, quality sleep. Buy a bed that’s too small or a mattress that isn’t comfortable, and sleep won’t come easy. The bed also sets the tone for the room, including the style of furniture and is a big part of space planning. If there are multiple kids sharing a room, for example, a bunk bed set is often the right choice.

Kids’ bedrooms aren’t just for sleeping in. This is where they hang out, play with their friends and siblings, and do their homework. By carefully choosing their bedroom furniture, parents can help create an appealing and functional bedroom, one where there is storage space for everything so that mess and clutter doesn’t take over. A wardrobe and chests of drawers help to ensure there’s a place for everything from clothes to toys, and the storage space provided helps to promote organization. A clean, welcoming space goes a long way toward encouraging the good study habits that lead to good grades.

I have helped many parents to put together a functional yet inviting bedroom for their kids, using bunk beds, wardrobes, day beds, drawers and virtually every other type of furnishing. According to my research, with a comfortable, well planned room, kids sleep better, get their homework done and tend to be more organized.