Achieving That Modern Look Through Furniture Selection

If you like having a clean modern feel to your living space then you can achieve a lot through the furniture selection which you go for. From small decorative pieces through to the main functional furniture, you can easily create a modern look.

However it’s not all about being minimalistic and clinical, after all, you don’t want your home to end up looking like a doctor’s room. It’s about creating a modern feel while maintaining that warm and cosy home feel at the same time.

It’s not an easy look to achieve so here are our key tips to achieving that modern look through furniture:

  1. Avoid clutter and keep open space

A modern style is largely free from clutter and has clean and clear lines with minimal fuss so clear out all of your clutter and put away ornaments and books. Instead of having a shelf full of things, opt for just one modern piece in the middle.

Have open space around your furniture and keep the floor as clear from clutter as possible. It’s all about having space and clean, clear lines, but this doesn’t necessarily mean everything has to be square, rounded edges are fine as long as they are clean and clear.

Avoid lots of cushions and pillows on the sofa and if you have rugs just go for one that is in bright, bold patterns rather than an old-fashioned patterned style.

  1. Go for a neutral colour base

Our friends from Such & Such, an online source of lifestyle goods; recommend that for truly modern look go for a neutral colour base for the bulk of your space; think beiges, tans, whites and blacks. This will be the basis of your colour scheme but by no means will it be boring. It just provides a classic, simple base to add to and build on. Choose beige and neutral colours for furniture, for example a beige sofa as a key focal point, with accent colours in added textiles.

  1. Don’t be afraid to use bright colours

Once you have established your base colour you can start to build on it with nice bold, bright colours to bring out a contemporary feel. Think beige sofa with bright red cushions, or beige room with a block colour rug and bold coloured curtains. Pair the bold colours with neutral ones for that modern look. Use the bold and bright colours as accent colours in the furniture and fixtures and fittings.

  1. Include clever storage features

As a way to avoid clutter and maintain the sleek lines of a modern style, choose furniture which doubles up as storage so you can hide away items which you might need regularly, such as remote controls, coasters, magazines and DVDs out of sight. Think about a table which lifts up to reveal storage inside, or a storage cupboard at the bottom of the book case, which closes tight.

  1. Try multi-functional furniture

Try out some multi-functional furniture options for a truly modern feel think about tables that double as storage areas, floor lights which have built in reading spot lights, and sofas which can be repositioned to provide extra seating. All of these extra uses can save space and add to a modern feel and style.

  1. Invest in technology furniture

Modern furniture can be used to combine your technology as part of the room so think about television sets which rise up out of the cabinet and then down again when not being watched, or including speakers within furniture pieces to hide them, rather than having stand up speakers taking precious space in your room.

  1. Buy pieces which match and complement each other

For this style you need a simple, clean look so go for pieces of furniture which match and work together, you don’t want random pieces or lots of different woods and textures to achieve this look, for example. Go for matching sets and less is more.

  1. Don’t be afraid of contemporary styles and patterns

Going for a modern approach doesn’t have to be boring or plain, you can choose different styles and colours and patterns so don’t be afraid to experiment. As long as all the elements in your chosen scheme match and have clear clean lines throughout, there is no need to stick with one particular colour or fabric.

Creating a modern look across your living area can be easily achieved with select pieces of furniture, careful choice of colour schemes and clever use of colour accents so don’t think you have to spend a fortune to update and modernise your home.

By choosing furniture pieces which work together, and opting for clear, clean simplicity, you can create a modern look for any room of the house very easily, with minimal spend and minimal effort, developing a style that is uniquely yours.