A Buyer’s Guide To Choosing The Right Children’s Beds And Bedroom Furniture

Choosing a bed for children and bedroom furniture can be confusing for many people. The internet has brought more confusion because it provides a lot of options to choose from. For a parent to choose the perfect one, there are some questions that such a parent need to answer to make things easy:

What type of bed am I looking for?

This is the best place to start if you do not want to be lost in the array of beds online that will leave you confused. Let’s break it down further by stating the different types of bed obtainable:

•    Bunk beds

•    Traditional single beds and divan beds with storage

•    Cabin beds or mid sleepers – this is a bed that ranges from 60 to 80cm off the ground and has a den or furniture underneath it.

•    Highsleeper beds – they are usually 130 to 150cm off the ground and come with a space for furniture underneath.

•    Captain beds – these are a little higher than what is obtainable in a standard bed. They come with a sleepover bed or storage underneath.

Captain beds and traditional single beds are good for children of any age. Cabin beds are best suited for those up to 4 years. High sleepers and bunks are recommended for children who are not yet up to 6 years. Traditional single beds and captain will work best for big rooms while high sleepers or bunks and cabins are best for smaller rooms.

Try it out first!

Although there are more choices online, it wouldn’t hurt if you painstakingly search for the type of bed you are looking for in your local stores. Try it and if you are satisfied with the result, you can then go ahead and order that type online at a cheaper rate.

What do you want the furniture or bed for?

You need to decide if you need the furniture or bed for the short or long term. The beds and furniture vary in prices according to their durability.

What about the building system?

This is a modular system that can be altered with time. It can start as a single bed but also have extension kits that can be used in transforming it into a bunk, high sleeper, or mid sleeper to meet your family’s growing needs.


This should be your first priority. Check for the sturdiness and safety bars of beds and high beds to ensure your children’s safety is put first. Also, ask your mattress retailer on which mattress goes with each bed.

Ask the necessary questions

Find out from the manufacturer how long the beds will be produced before they are faced out. Ask for guarantees, as well as when it was manufactured and the lifespan. Also, find out if the parts are easily available. It is important to know how it will be delivered and the rate. Don’t be afraid to ask questions so that you can have all your curiosity satisfied before parting with your money or endangering your children’s lives with the wrong choice of bed.